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Get These Levolor Cellular Shades For Less


This Levolor cordless cellular shades review brings you a handy summary of the features.

Similar to this – Levolor cellular shades review, the cordless features instantly add to the clean, neat and finished look of any room in a home.

Unlike Levolor corded shades, the cordless ones have no lift cords on either side. A double-winch in the headrail takes care of winding and unwinding the guide cords during use.

If you order bottom-up Levolor cordless cellular shades, the guide cords remain hidden in the fabric. On the other hand, the top-down bottom-up cellular shades do have the guide cords showing in the window when you pull the movable top rail down.

The guide cords remain almost invisible in the window because they are thin, but extremely durable. After a few months of VERY rough use, we saw these strings cut into a lift-cord clutch of the corded shades – before ever breaking!

Levolor includes a couple of snap-on handles in the package. The handles simply click on the top and bottom rail and are used to move either rail up or down.

Levolor Cordless Cellular Shades – User Feedback

“Out of the two, top-down bottom-up cordless cellular shades take the top position – based on observation of what our customers choose.”

“Some prefer Levolor cordless cellular shades because they need them as blackout shades in a nursery room. Others simply must have the clean look and no lift cords in the view or to pull on.”

And you have the same choices to pick from. From light-diffusing to total blackout fabrics, match your home décor easily.

Note: Go easy, though, neutral colors go a long way matching before any radical contrasting ones jump at you when a room gets redecorated.

Levolor cordless cellular shades easily install as either an inside or an outside mount. If you choose so, you can order remote control ones for hard-to-reach windows without any worries. The batteries in them last for about two years – lithium batteries and non-obsessive-compulsive useha!

In a summary, this Levolor cordless cellular shades review has brought you the highlights these clever window shades offer you. Without hesitation, we know they add an incredible, neat and tidy, yet practical boost to varied home décor needs.

On the following photo example, you can see two windows with a light-diffusing fabric on two Levolor cordless cellular shades – the bottom rail is down and the top rail is up – they are top-down bottom-up cellar shades.

Get These Levolor Cellular Shades For Less