How To Find A Correct Bracket Position For An Installation Of Window Blinds And Shades


It’s far from a rocket science, but when you need to find a correct position for installation brackets for various window blinds and shades, it can first seem a bit tricky.

That’s why we’ve added this short and easy tutorial to help you with the task.

In this example, we’ll use cellular shades. But you can adapt this step-by-step process to just about any blinds and shades. We’ll be discussing an inside-mount installation.


After you’ve unpacked your new blinds or shades, attach the L & R installation brackets to the headrail (as if they were already in their place within the window). They either snap on from the top (top-mount), or they may slide onto the headrail from each end (end-mount).

Cellular Shades - Installation Brackets Position
Cellular Shades With An Installation
Bracket Snapped On


Hold the headrail with the brackets against the windowsill. Test-fit the blind or shade in the window. Watch for any window dividers (mullions) or hardware cranks that can interfere with a proper up & down function.

Testing For A Correct Bracket Position - Cellular Shades
Test-Fitting Cellular Shades Brackets For An Inside Mount


Now, mark the maximum depth for the installation brackets on the left or right window frame. Measure it from the outside edge inward. Mark the spot where the front of the bracket goes (or, mark where the back goes if that is easier). Make sure that both the left and right sides have the same distance. If not, move the headrail with the brackets in or out until you have a nice, parallel fit with the window edges at the front, and deep enough one (without any interference) at the back of the headrail.


Transfer the measured distance from the side of the window frame to the top (where two or more support brackets will go).

Installation Bracket Position - Cellular Shades Cellular Shades Installation Brackets - An Inside Mount
A Left Bracket View Both Brackets View


After aligning the front of the brackets with the marks at the top, use a couple of screws to secure each installation bracket in place.

You may find the front of the installation brackets (you have) perhaps aligns with the window frame edge (while allowing for a maximum working depth). In this case, there’s no need to mark anything. Just align the brackets with the same edge at the top and secure them in place.

Why take extra time to do this?

Instead of randomly guessing, it just makes sense to fit the brackets right on the first try. It will save you time you may otherwise spend on readjusting the installation brackets and making extra screw holes into the windowsill.

And one more thing about top-mount brackets …

From our example here, note the distance each bracket is at from the headrail’s end caps. Make sure to attach the brackets about a 1 ½ to 2 inches inward from the sides of the windowsill (so that they can lock onto the headrail without interfering with the end caps).

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