Wood Blinds Without Rout Holes And Cordless

When choosing Real Wood Blinds for your home, there are many choices of wood materials, colors, natural finishes, and the width of wood slats.
Wood blinds also come with other available choices you may want to consider before buying them. Take a peek and find out what they are right now …
Wood Blinds Without Rout Holes
"Rout-less" Real Wood Blinds
These genuine wood blinds came without the regular rout holes. The alternative is also called “De-lite” because the rout-less wood slats disallow more light to sneak through them than the same “routed” slats do.

What’s the difference between the “routed” and “rout-less” wood blinds when you put them up and close the slats? The two wood blinds WITH rout holes in the next picture give you a visual.

Routed Real Wood Blinds
"Routed" Real Wood Blinds – Slats Closed
When you compare the two pictures above, you can see lines of light getting through the wood slats in the lower picture, right? The upper one’s missing them altogether.
Wood Blinds Cordless With Tilt Control
Cordless Wood Blinds With A Wand
-Tilt Control
This picture just shows you the control side. Notice the only control there is – the tilt wand. It opens and closes the slats. There are no lift cords. Glance at the next pic and …
A Door Installation Of Cordless Wood Blinds
Genuine Wood Blinds – No Routs – Cordless
… you see rout-less, cordless, wood blinds mounted as an outside mount on a metal entry door. The bottom rail is detachable from the hold down brackets. To lift it up, you’d simply push on the plastic handle in the middle, and the woods blinds stack at the top and stay there.
How do they do it and what holds them there?
Cordless Wood Blinds - Widget - Detail
A Detail Of The Wind -‘N-Rewind Mechanism In A Wood Blinds


There is a wind and rewind gadget installed in the headrail. See it? Two cords enter it on each side. That’s the widget that makes it work.
The cordless alternative is a safety measure consideration if small children are going to be around the new wood blinds.


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